Winter energy savings

With the cost-of-living pressures on the rise, we’ve listed a variety of practical ways to help you reduce your energy consumption.

The winter chill is in the air, and so too is the increased use of electricity to keep us toasty and warm. Dryers, heaters, electric blankets, heat lamps… the list goes on! With the cost-of-living pressures on the rise, we’ve listed a variety of practical ways to help you reduce your energy consumption.

Avoid the dryer when possible

Throwing clothes in the dryer can become a convenient default choice during the winter months, but can hurt our wallets as they’re notorious for sucking up energy. Try and take advantage of the sunshine when you can to dry them naturally outside or alternatively, use an indoor drying rack during rainy weather.

Heating the home

It may seem obvious, but only heating the room that you’re currently in is a simple way to keep energy costs down. Closing doors to unused rooms and blocking any drafts will also help you maintain a warm environment.

Let the light in

On those beautiful clear winter days, open up the curtains and blinds to use the natural light as an alternative to switching on the artificial ones.

Switch off and save

Even when appliances are on stand-by, they can still be consuming energy, so consider turning them off at the power point when not in use.

Shop around

It may help to put aside some time to research different energy providers to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. You can find free comparison sites online who do most of the work for you such as Canstar, Energy Made Easy and Finder.

Rug up

Pull out the cosy socks, jumpers and blankets and layer up to avoid the temptation of reaching for the heater. Of course, there are times when the layers just won’t cut it, but have those winter woollies as a go-to when you can.

Slow cooker

Cold weather calls for comfort food, and slow cookers not only provide the convenience of cooking while you’re out and about, they also use less energy than ovens. If you’ve got a slow cooker, now is a great time to put it to use.

By adopting some of these small changes in your habits and home, you have the potential to save money on your energy bill over time.

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