Solutions designed to suit your needs

Our process

Financial advice isn’t “one size fits all”… we each have a different life story and past experiences… just as we each have different values and dreams for our future. That’s what makes each of us special and human.

So we design our solutions to suit each client’s personal situation:

Step 1 – Complimentary Chat

Let’s schedule a complimentary phone or video chat… to start getting to know each other and uncover how we can improve your life.

Step 2 – Initial Consultation

We then begin the advice journey with an Initial Consultation… to thoroughly discuss what’s important to you and start building your knowledge on topics relevant to you.

Step 3 – Advice Preparation

We give you peace-of-mind by doing the number-crunching and analysis for you… developing a strategy to achieve your goals, including preparation of your written Statement of Advice which outlines our recommendations for you.

Step 4 – Delivering & Implementing your Advice

We’ll present your advice and discuss the recommendations in detail together… and when you feel comfortable, we’ll then implement the advice on your behalf as well.

Step 5 – Staying on Track with regular reviews

We know with certainty that life is continuously changing around us… so having an ongoing relationship together gives you comfort we’ll continue to provide you with advice, to keep your ship on-course for the future.